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Ski Jump Manager

Do you like ski jumping? Would you like to manage your own ski jumping team? That's perfect place for you! Ski Jump Manager is what you were looking for. Tournament victories, gold medals and crystal globe - all these prizes can be yours! Success is closer than you think when you are able to play regularly and be patient. Don't worry if you've joined later than others. Every manager has a chance to train a champion! Read more...
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why you should try this game

Realistic jump simulator
High level of realism is the biggest advantage of this game. Wind conditions, starting gate and other specific factors will give you almost lifelike experience of ski jumping. Excitement guaranteed!

Advanced game play
Many tasks, rivals to beat and hills to discover. Trophies, medals, hill records. Never ending adventure across the world. This game will definitely swallow you up!

Not time consuming
You don't need to spend a lot of hours daily to reach the top. You can easily manage your club even if you are a very busy person.

Free to play
Premium account and paid services are useful and enjoyable, but they are optional. You can be the best manager without paying!